Jo Hawke on January 26th, 2014

We took a little trip to Richmond, a little less than three hours northeast of us, this weekend. The main item on our agenda was attending Mass at our diocese’s cathedral, the beautiful Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in the heart of our state capital.

We stayed at the Crowne Plaza (on the 14th floor, no less!) down on Canal Street because of its indoor pool, and the kids had a blast for hours, even though the pool room and water were way too chilly for my taste… (Not too pleased about this, and the company will be hearing from me!)

Mass was beautiful in the 1906 Cathedral, although we were all hoping that Bishop DiLorenzo would be there. We stayed a while afterward to take in the stained glass and statues. Awesome!

The boys say their favorite things about the trip were going to the Cathedral, eating at City Dogs on East Cary (even though we ended up taking it back to the hotel because of the horrendous parking down there), and especially playing in the whirlpool at the hotel.

Here are some pictures I took:










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Jo Hawke on January 26th, 2014

I found this old draft (from last year, I guess?), and rather than delete, I thought I’d share, since it’s pretty funny stuff.

Err…I guess I should put a sidebar here noting that I’m not usually noted for being a great judge of what’s funny, but whatever.

After dinner the other night, Lucas asked me to look up Nyan Cat because Kevin and I had never heard of it. While we were watching the original Nyan Cat video, Kevin declared, “I can feel my IQ points dropping.”

After watching clips of both Nyan Cat and Tac Nayn, Kevin gave the experience a thumbs-down this way: “So in the last five minutes I’ve seen the dumbest thing I’ve seen all day and the second dumbest thing I’ve seen all day.”

When we read that Nyan Cat was fifth on YouTube’s most-watched list for 2011, he again was not amused: “That tells you something about how many people are swimming in the shallow end.”

Ha! I love that man … Even if he did roll his eyes through Spamalot on Broadway. :)

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Jo Hawke on January 6th, 2013

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Jo Hawke on January 2nd, 2013

Atticus used most of his Hobby Lobby giftcard from Grandma and Grandpa on drawing books. He used the one called “Pets” to draw this kitten. Awww :)

I was just noticing that I haven’t actually posted anything directly here since August. That’s when school started. As a teacher, I don’t have much free time, and lately I’ve been spending much more of it directly with my family.

So many people seem to find a way to do it all. I haven’t found it yet.

Maybe that’s the key to my Word of Intention this year. I’ll pray about it.

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Jo Hawke on December 16th, 2012

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Jo Hawke on December 2nd, 2012

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Jo Hawke on November 18th, 2012

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Jo Hawke on August 18th, 2012

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Jo Hawke on August 18th, 2012

Well, it’s not really a video. I just made a photo-collage and stretched it the length of the song, which is the same version we already have here. At least it will play elsewhere this way…

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Jo Hawke on August 16th, 2012

After dinner at Applebee’s Monday, I grabbed up Atticus’ kids’ meal activity sheet and asked him and Kevin to help me fill in the “madlibs” story.

I asked “adjective?” or “animal?” or “your favorite food?” and they answered “pretty” or “wolf” or “hot dogs.”

The words they filled in are bold.

Oh, and Kevin’s Indian name, Badger, is “Uguna” in Cherokee, and Atticus’ Indian name, Stalking Wolf, is “Waya” (at least the “wolf” part). :)

Here it is:

A Pretty Camping Adventure

One wet day, under the bright blue skies of the Virginia forest, Uguna and Waya decided to go on a hike. They put on their shirt and headed for the mountains. Before long, they saw a big wolf walking towards the picnic area. “Nanu,” said Waya. “He sure looks hungry. I bet he’d love a giant plate of hot dogs.” And with that they laughed and ran to Cherokee. THE END!

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