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The Story of Samaro

By Atticus Hawke

There was once a boy named Samaro. His powers were throwing fireballs, freezing, and turning invisible. His body is made of fire and no one can touch it, or they’ll get burned. He found a bad guy; his name was Atis. He was so powerful, but he touched Samaro’s skin and he got burned and he was dead.

Samaro got so powerful that he destroyed the master of China and then he got more powers like throwing water and a shield that blocked someone named Fireball because his skin was made out of fire, too. Samaro sent a big wave right onto Fireball which put out his fire, but the fire came back again, but when it did, Fireball lay dead and burning.

In another fight, Samaro got even more powerful and started shooting fireballs that became so big they turned into a huge dragon.

And then, Samaro found another bad guy named Kimin, who was stronger than Samaro and pointed a bow and arrow at him, but Samaro was not dead. He got to another spot and got a shield. Then, he stole Kimin’s bow and arrow and shot it at Kimin, and then he was dead.

And then someone from the sky came. He had a very long name: Cintiretm.

(To be continued)

New Year Kitten!

Atticus used most of his Hobby Lobby giftcard from Grandma and Grandpa on drawing books. He used the one called “Pets” to draw this kitten. Awww :)

I was just noticing that I haven’t actually posted anything directly here since August. That’s when school started. As a teacher, I don’t have much free time, and lately I’ve been spending much more of it directly with my family.

So many people seem to find a way to do it all. I haven’t found it yet.

Maybe that’s the key to my Word of Intention this year. I’ll pray about it.

Kevin and Atticus’ Camping Madlibs

After dinner at Applebee’s Monday, I grabbed up Atticus’ kids’ meal activity sheet and asked him and Kevin to help me fill in the “madlibs” story.

I asked “adjective?” or “animal?” or “your favorite food?” and they answered “pretty” or “wolf” or “hot dogs.”

The words they filled in are bold.

Oh, and Kevin’s Indian name, Badger, is “Uguna” in Cherokee, and Atticus’ Indian name, Stalking Wolf, is “Waya” (at least the “wolf” part). :)

Here it is:

A Pretty Camping Adventure

One wet day, under the bright blue skies of the Virginia forest, Uguna and Waya decided to go on a hike. They put on their shirt and headed for the mountains. Before long, they saw a big wolf walking towards the picnic area. “Nanu,” said Waya. “He sure looks hungry. I bet he’d love a giant plate of hot dogs.” And with that they laughed and ran to Cherokee. THE END!

Atticus Sings the Gloria #2

I’ve been sorting through my YouTube videos, getting ready for the school year (which starts Monday…can you believe it??), and saw that I had favorited this video last year.

It’s dated July 2011, so Atticus was 4 1/2. My parents shot the video and it’s posted on my mom’s account.

There’s a video here of Atticus singing this same song a few months earlier.

A Double Slice of My Day

Part 1.

I realized just as Attie and I were leaving for the car to pick up Ryan and bring him back here for an afternoon of Star Wars movies and computer games that I didn’t have my car keys in my purse. Uh-oh!

I had a flash of myself as Kevin and I were sitting in the car outside the motel in Cherokee, where we spent last week. We were going to be doing a lot of walking, and I wouldn’t need my keys. Into the glove compartment they went.

I can even sort of recall Kevin questioning whether that was be a good idea. He was right, as usual. Grrr ;)

Since then, I haven’t had to drive at all because Kevin’s been doing all the driving, both on the trip and since we’ve been back. But Kevin’s working his 12-hour shift today…

So what did I do?

Yeah, I turned to good ol’ Mom and Dad. :P

I got in touch with my mom and she talked to my dad. And my dad came through for us, as he always has for all of my life. :)

He drove over and picked up Ryan and brought him to our house.

And all was well. Atticus picked his chin up off the floor and said he was happy now. Yes!

Part 2.

After Ryan got here (and I knew he hadn’t eaten all day), I started to fix some Hamburger Helper (some kind of cheesy hamburger and pasta) and immediately ran into another roadblock. The recipe called for 1-2/3 cup milk, but we were just about out of milk.

We’re running out of quite a few staples, actually, because we were gone for most of last week and haven’t yet replenished the cupboards.

Sweet, sweet Kevin made a grocery list the other day, and I had planned to go to the store this morning. But then I got caught up in trying to set up my new phone like my old one — a long story and a very long process, indeed! — and decided to go in the morning. (Of course, I would have been stuck with no keys anyway…)

So anyway, while the hamburger was defrosting in the microwave (and since I’m not really a cook, just a pretty good directions-follower), I looked online to see if there were something that I could substitute for milk.

Not really. Milk is a pretty good substitute for a lot of other things, but the only thing (other than other kinds of milk) that can sub for it is water, and I was thinking too much water in the mix would probably not work very well.

After the hamburger was cooked and drained, it was time to put that little bit of milk left in the gallon to the test. I was a bit worried (as much as one can be over Hamburger Helper, I guess.) How much would I have to fudge on to make this recipe work?

Well, it turns out…

…not a bit!

Yep, the milk came to right at 1-2/3 cup. Drained.

I couldn’t believe it. It was like the MIRACLE OF THE MILK or something. And then I felt ridiculous for thinking that. And even right now I’m considering deleting this whole post because I’m making something out of nothing. Am I?

And now

The food was good and filling. The movie got half-watched. Both boys are back at the computer playing some kind of pong-like game. And all I’m hearing are giggles.

Atticus Sings ‘Old Man’

May 2011: Atticus & his lifelong best friend, Puppy

What a difference a year makes! Especially to a little kid!

Last year in May, Atticus recorded this version of his favorite Neil Young song at the time, “Old Man.”

He was four at the time; his birthday’s in September, and he turned five last year.

Wow! He’s grown up a whole lot since then! Preschool summer camp, kindergarten, YMCA afterschool daycare, Bible class at church… No more staying at the babysitter’s all day. He’s in (the little kid version of) the real world now.

It’s remarkable how much his pronunciation, tone, and delivery have improved. He has a greater maturity and control over himself in so many ways in addition to his voice.

My baby’s not a baby anymore, but he’ll always be my baby to me. :)

Good Friday Art


While Kevin played the electric guitar (I mean, Josephine) and he and I sang, the boys and I painted with the acrylics.

Mine isn’t finished, but here are Lucas’ Easter Bunny with an egg (left) and Atticus’ “Mom Is Beautiful.” (I swear nobody gave him a suggestion, much less paid him. :P)

Atticus Sings Neil Young’s ‘Ohio’

Atticus has been a bit obsessed with Neil Young for the past year or so.

Yes, it all began way back when he was only four and a half. Before his dad and I went to see Neil Young live, we downloaded and burned his awesome Live at Massey Hall album from 1971.

Well, Attie went crazy over it, wanting to hear certain songs over and over. He wanted to hold the CD cover in the car, so he could name the songs as they played and he sang along. He had me upload them to his own CD player.

And we sang along with him: Kevin, Lucas, and myself. It’s still a fun family event in the van when number 3 (“Old Man”) comes on. :P

I’d known all of the songs for forever, of course (Neil’s one of my faves <3), but I'd never known all the words to all the songs. And some of them came to me with new meaning, after having lived through so much since.

It wasn’t long before he’d memorized the songs and could even name which song was which number on the album.

We thought it was amazing.

But anything in excess can get, well, um — even though I feel like a bad mama admitting it — downright annoying … which is to say that we didn’t exactly mind when Atticus started to sway from his Neil Young obsession.

Anyway, as you can see, he didn’t turn away completely and has continued to fan the flame over the months. :P