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Padre Pio Quotation Meme

I absolutely love this image I created the other day with the InstaQuote iPhone app. (They have an Android app, too!) I’m embedding it from Instagram:

Prayer is the oxygen of the soul. -Padre Pio

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I got the app on sale a while back but really haven’t used it much. However, it really does make creating nice-looking images easy. They have a lot of cool backgrounds, and you can type in your quotation and alter the color scheme.

Warning: If you’re used to Photoshop, it will probably get frustrating for you not to have much control over sizing and spacing of individual words.

P.S. If you don’t know much about Padre Pio, google him. He is an amazing Saint with all kinds of miraculous specials! <3

Sweetbrier Mag Design


I didn’t put the whole package out of the guidance department shelves, but this Sweet Briar College design caught my eye today.

I really like the color scheme. But even more, I like the treatment of the title, especially the flower taking the place of the “O” and the stem taking the place of the horizontal lines in the “F” and the “H.”

Living Waters

A second picture for my DanvilleType.com idea. :-)

I love the hand-drawn script and the way the text starts all bold and deliberate, then thins and spreads. And by the time it gets to “CHURCH,” it’s a sans-serif block.

I wonder if it’s thematic, or if they went with a freeform, whatever-happens approach. And I wonder about the spacing. And the color choices.

It’s definitely not what you would expect out in the middle of the country.