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The Two Who Stayed

In the end, there were only two, his mother Mary and his apostle John.

Is it any wonder that Mary was assumed into Heaven and that John was the only apostle whose life didn’t end in tragedy?

All the other 12 apostles — with the exception of Judas, who committed suicide — were martyred for the faith.

[Taken today at Sacred Heart’s chapel. One of the 12 stations of the cross, it was handmade years ago and was in the old church building up on West Main Street.]

A Man Unlike Any Other

This man is a man unlike any other.
He was not only man, but also God.


No matter where you’ve been,
what you’ve done,
or whether you believe it or not,

He died for you.

To say this man was only a man,
but a good man, a prophet,
is illogical. He himself claimed to be


and if it were not so,
he would have been a liar,
a cheat, a blasphemer.

But this man was not only man, but also God.
This man is a man unlike any other.

It doesn’t seem finished. But then, most of my poems don’t. Works in progress, just like me.

Christ Pantocrator

Jesus coin: ‘Ἰησοῦς Χριστός’

It was the coolest unexpected Christmas gift I’ve ever gotten. It was given to me a couple of years ago by my father-in-law, who is an avid historian. A Roman coin made of bronze, it was made 1,000 years before me around the year 973, during the reign of John I.

The tradition was to have the Roman emperors on the obverse, or front, of the coin. However, it was commonly believed that the world would end in the year 1,000, so people were turning toward Jesus who usually hadn’t before. It seems almost a sort of penance to put Jesus’ image on the coins.

Jesus is pictured on the front of the coin with a halo, holding a book of gospels. You can see what the image would have looked like from the mosaic above of the Christ Pantocrator (usually translated “Almighty”) that’s in the Hagia Sophia.

Even though it’s a Roman coin, the words on the back of the coin are Greek. They say, “XINSUS XRISTUS BASILEU BASILE.” It means, “Jesus Christ, King of Kings.”