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Lucas’ First Communion

Last Sunday, May 6, in a special 2 p.m. Mass, Lucas made his First Communion.

He was one of 50-some 7-year-olds all dressed up in suits and ties (or white satin, lace, or taffeta dresses).

It was a beautiful ceremony, and Kevin and I were both in tears before Lucas even made his way up the center aisle with his (and Atticus’) godmother Cindy Jefferson.

You can click on the first picture below to scroll through enlarged versions.

Thanks to the boys’ godfather Charlie Jefferson, the official event photographer, for the pictures in the gallery and allowing us to post them here.

And thanks to Lucas’ Grammy, Carolyn Dalton, for allowing me to use the picture of him at left. :)

And thanks to the dozen or so family members who were there. It meant so much to Lucas and to all of us. :)

Good Friday Art


While Kevin played the electric guitar (I mean, Josephine) and he and I sang, the boys and I painted with the acrylics.

Mine isn’t finished, but here are Lucas’ Easter Bunny with an egg (left) and Atticus’ “Mom Is Beautiful.” (I swear nobody gave him a suggestion, much less paid him. :P)

Lucas Is a Harmonica Boy

Lucas has been playing the harmonica for a few weeks now.

He picked it up one day, and (with my very rudimentary understanding) I showed him how the holes work, in for one note and out for another. We worked out the notes to “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” and he was set on learning it.

After a day or two, he had it down. He played it for us. Very impressive, yes.

But Kevin said he wouldn’t really have it until he could play it from his soul. So Lucas kept at it. The next morning, he got up and grabbed the harmonica and played it perfectly without even thinking.

Maybe the missed notes were about the video, although Lucas says he doesn’t get stage fright. I actually wondered at one point if he were even for real about messing up.

You can hear him tell me a couple of times in the video not to stop it, no matter how many times he messed up. He said that was what would make it interesting. So I let it roll. And I haven’t edited it.

I actually love the way he stops and looks at the harmonica when he hits a wrong note, like it’s betraying him. Very comic. :)

Catholicism 101 at the Dinner Table

Mit offenen Armen

Of all the games our two younger sons Lucas, 7, and Atticus, 5, love to play at dinnertime, their favorite is religious trivia.

Here’s a random, annotated sampling of tonight’s questions:

1. What is the first book of the Bible? (They both know this one and what it means.)

2. What is the last book of the Bible? (They still can’t remember this one very quickly but as soon as they get a sense of it, they start chanting “Revolution” while pumping their arms in the air. What does it mean??)

3. Who was the first Pope? (They always know this.)

4. What are the five “joyful mysteries” of the rosary? (These are pretty new additions to our trivia, but they did pretty well. They know them all with a clue or two, but not in order.)

5. Who was the only one of Jesus’ original disciples to die a natural death? (They both got this and its follow-up, why? Plus, Lucas got bonus points for remembering that Peter had been crucified upside-down.)

6. What religious order was Blessed John Paul II a part of? (They both got this one immediately. We all have a special love for JP2. :))

7. What religious order is Pope Benedict XVI a part of? (Silence until Kevin prodded them. It’s his chosen title, after all. ;))

8. Where does the Pope live? (They know the city and country, but the country-within-a-country takes a minute.)

9. What is the rulebook of the Catholic Church? (They both got this immediately, and Atticus later coined a new word combining the rulebook with its geographical source from #8: “Vatechism.” Ha!)

10. What is the first book of the New Testament? (Lucas answered “Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.” Not bad!)

How many do you know??

Creative Commons License photo credit: Kirchengemeinde St. Bonifatius Berlin

Lucas’ Famous Americans Project


I was not disappointed when Lucas chose Abraham Lincoln for his 2nd-grade Famous Americans project. And I’m elated with what he did with it!

He picked out the red posterboard at Hobby Lobby; drew by hand and cut out the “bubble letters”; wrote a detailed paragraph explaining Lincoln’s most important accomplishments; drew and colored his picture in two parts; and then glued it all in place.

Awesome job, Lukey-Luke!!