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Nanu Nanu, the Light’s on You

We replaced the old incandescent light bulbs in our chandelier with some of the new-fangled energy- (and money-?) saving ones.

A few thoughts:

  1. They look like like eggs and remind us of the gleek Mork had to hit himself in the head with — or die.
  2. They contain mercury. What happens when they hit the landfills and burst?
  3. They take a long time to get bright. This means you have to keep them on longer to use them the same way, which defeats the cost-saving purpose, at least in part.
  4. Also, still on number 3, what happens when you need light right this instant? What if there’s something in your eye, and you need to see in the bathroom mirror? What if it’s night, and you’ve already gone to your car to leave, but then you realize you forgot something in the bedroom? I don’t know about you, but trying to see in dim light in any kind of situation like these can give me an instant headache.

So, the only true benefit of these new light bulbs that we can see is that they’re supposed to last longer, saving us money.

Well, we haven’t proven that yet and don’t believe every ad we see. And will we remember when we bought them to figure it out? Probably not.

I guess overall, this is a thumbs-down.

However, since companies are phasing out incandescents as we speak, we’ll just have to turn on the switches a little earlier and wait patiently.

And the P’s Win It!

I enjoy unpacking and organizing our music collection so much better after it’s already done. I mean, the unpacked, organized state is so nice; the process, not so much.

So, anyway, this time, I enlisted Lucas’ help a little bit. I didn’t insist, but he was pretty good at it while he lasted as helper. And even when he wasn’t there, his version of the ABC song, resonating in my head from countless renditions, kept me smiling.

To be completely upfront, this particular job only got half done at our last house. The CD’s and company made it onto shelves but never in any order. It’s extra-nice to have them back where we can find and listen easily.

So now they’re in order. Ahhh…

And the P’s won by quite a few CD’s, thanks to Kevin’s virtually-every-Pink-Floyd-recording collection … and that’s just the stacks, not even counting the huge “Shine On” box set. :P

The Hill from You-Know-Where

This may look like an ordinary residential street in a fairly quiet neighborhood, but don’t let it fool you.

Even 15 years ago (when I was in 150 times better shape), this hill could kick my butt.

Whew! (Imagine it in a slow rasp, and that’s my lungs talking afterward.)

Making It Ours

Our new house is not a new house. It was built 55 years ago, and at least two families that we know of have lived here.

It’s been well taken care of and had a lot of thought put into it, little touches and big.

The parallel curvature of the backyard bushes and bricked flower garden. The hook just outside the casement windows that crank open to refill the hummingbird feeder. The dogwood branches that fill the master bedroom window.

We are so blessed to have this house.

But still, we have to make it ours.

That means cleaning and changing and moving around.

And we’ll surely continue all this and more for as long as we’re here … which, at this point, may be forever. :)

New House … The Den!

One of my favorite things about the new house is the den. It’s on the back of the house, behind the dining room/kitchen area, and the three rooms really comprise a sort of L-shaped great room.

I love the:

  • adjustable shelves! Of course, even after weeding out tons, I still have at least four times the number of books that would fit on them. ;)
  • amazing view of the backyard! From this angle, I can pretend I’m in the middle of the country, yet still have all the benefits of living in the city.
  • French doors that (will) open onto the deck (as soon as someone finds a key or we rekey the lock)! :P

After a good cleaning (tomorrow morning!), we’ll be able to start moving stuff in! #soexcited