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ESoED Cover: Dylan’s ‘All Along the Watchtower’

I’ve sung Bob Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower” (and/or Jimi Hendrix’s cover of it) a whole lot through the years, usually backup, with a lot of different bands and people hanging out with a guitar…around a campfire, in somebody’s basement…

But Kevin’s first time ever playing the song was last month (June 13th, if my TapeMachine app can be trusted). And he definitely brought his own style to it.

It was late, after the kids’ bedtime, and I was putting a new laptop desk together. The thing came in a thousand pieces (hyperbole!), so I was listening to one of my Pandora stations to pass the time.

Kevin started playing along with his acoustic, and after Dylan had finished, Kevin kept playing and told me to sing. I looked up the lyrics (singing along is one thing, but carrying the load is another ;) and after we played around with it once or twice, I pulled up the TapeMachine on my phone, so we wouldn’t forget the feel of it.

Well, we haven’t changed a thing since then, but here it is:

What do you think?

UPDATE: One of my teacher-friends on Twitter just asked if he could download and add to this. The answer is YES! Here’s the file!

photo by: SanFranAnnie

Atticus Sings ‘Old Man’

May 2011: Atticus & his lifelong best friend, Puppy

What a difference a year makes! Especially to a little kid!

Last year in May, Atticus recorded this version of his favorite Neil Young song at the time, “Old Man.”

He was four at the time; his birthday’s in September, and he turned five last year.

Wow! He’s grown up a whole lot since then! Preschool summer camp, kindergarten, YMCA afterschool daycare, Bible class at church… No more staying at the babysitter’s all day. He’s in (the little kid version of) the real world now.

It’s remarkable how much his pronunciation, tone, and delivery have improved. He has a greater maturity and control over himself in so many ways in addition to his voice.

My baby’s not a baby anymore, but he’ll always be my baby to me. :)

The Debut of Mr. Blue: Live at Washington Square

It was Thursday, July 22, 2010, around 6 p.m.

We had just left The Silversmith on West 4th, where we got the most fantabulous Mr. Blue and Jo’s amber ring to celebrate our 5th anniversary.

The vibes were good. We were oozing happiness. It was a beautiful day, not too hot with a little breeze. And — oh, man! — we love playing in the park!

We found a park bench and spread out a bit. Black squirrels greeted, acoustic guitar tuned, H2 recorder ready.

The whole band was there, minus Josephine, of course (no electricity in the park). ;)

The full show (minus encore, below) with all our crazy chatter and everything:

Since we haven’t edited out individual songs yet, here’s a set list with approximate start times:
What Else Can I Say* (0:32)
All Around the World* (6:17)
Music Man* (12:01)
Every Second of Every Day* (18:08)
Baby, What Do You Want Me to Do (23:46)
I Don’t Need No Doctor (27:22)
Amazing Grace: test (37:07)
Amazing Grace: full (39:37)
Danglin’* (42:42)
Johnny LV* (49:50)
Summertime (56:19)

The encore, Going Down the Road Feeling Bad:

*original ESoED songs

My ’87 ‘Hit Me with Your Best Shot’

p.s. Turn your speakers down a little before you hit “play.” :(

When I posted my first revived cassette recording, I mentioned that I don’t “cringe at the imperfections” anymore. Well, I can’t say that’s true with this one.

I don’t know whether it’s just a sensitive day or the recording just sounds that imperfect, but I must admit that today I have cringed. More than once.

Anyway, this recording has been on my to-find list for a little while now.

My longtime friend Sandra, who goes to church with us, told her kids a few weeks ago that I sang a great version of this song (or something to that effect). LOL!

She said she was there in the recording studio when I sang this. Wow. I know at least one more friend was with us, but I don’t remember who. Maybe she does?

It was 1987. Senior Week at Myrtle Beach.

Quite a lot I’ve forgotten, and much more that I wish I had…

My ’84 ‘Let Me Be There’ Cover

This cover of Olivia Newton-John’s “Let Me Be There” was recorded in the summer of 1984 at Songmasters on the Boardwalk, Surfside Beach, SC.

I was 14, almost 15, at the beach with my church youth group.

It wasn’t my best performance, though I don’t cringe at the imperfections like my old self did. Now, I can smile and shake my head and say, not bad. :)

Read about how I transferred the recording from the old cassette tape to my laptop here.

Monday Morning, Monday

The kids and I have a goal: a special “get up” song for each day of the week.

Okay, it’s more my goal than theirs, though they do sing along a lot. And at the rate we’re going, we’ll be lucky to have one song completed before they graduate from high school. LOL

This piece of a something is in the running for — you guessed it! — Monday:


p.s. This is another attempt at getting my recordings from my phone to this site. The file was recorded using the TapeMachine app. I shared it to Evernote. (There was no option to share to this site via my WordPress app.) And then I used my Evernote app to share it to this site via WP. Still a convoluted process and still no player here.

Question: Do you see a player when you go to Evernote using the link above? I do on my Droid but not on my laptop using Chrome.

UPDATE: I don’t think my Evernote experiment worked very well. Or maybe I just left it a step or three too soon…I downloaded the WAV file to my laptop, converted it to MP3, and uploaded it to my server.

And voila!!

Nope, I still haven’t added anything to this particular piece… and here is the link

A BIT OF TRIVIA: That “Sorry” at the end of the file was because one of my students had walked in the classroom to ask question or something. LOL I know I’m weird.

One Thing I Can Say

I must’ve been on a Billie Holiday kick when I came up with this little work in progress. Warning: It’s just a few lines and you can tell by the revision in the second time around I really have no idea where it’ll one day end up going  (if anywhere)…


UPDATE: Just ignore the Evernote. I had recorded this on my phone, and I haven’t found a streamlined process to get those files here. So I went back and downloaded, converted, uploaded:

Fryed Chickin’s ‘It’s Christmas’

01 its christmas by Fryedchickin

I recorded this back in 2001, I think.

My friend Eddie Cochran had written a bunch of songs, and I went out to his and Leilani’s house many times to sing along with whatever instrumental tracks had been recorded. He had me standing in the bathroom with the door closed, headphones and mic cords trailing under the door.

I believe this is one of many that he dumped into the Flat Five studio mix, re-recording parts. I’m hazy on the technical stuff, since I, er, didn’t do any of it. :P But that might account for the timing issues. Not sure.

Eddie says it features me, him, Steve Edmunds and Carlos Morales. He would know.

Anyway, it’s a cool song, and I miss singing Eddie’s music.

ESoED Acoustic: Washington Square Park, 7/25/09

We’d been in New York for a few days already and were rich with musical experiences.

We’d been awed by the phenomenal Pat Martino the night before at the Iridium. We’d taken the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tour at the (now-closed) Soho annex (with the awesome John Lennon exhibit). We’d bought Kevin’s Les Paul, Josephine at Rudy’s.

And we’d just been down City Hall-way to purchase a Xoom H2 recorder at JR‘s, the same one we recorded this show of sorts on.

So when we walked toward Washington Square that afternoon, planning to play a little for the homeless people and the black squirrels, we weren’t expecting to be drowned out.

Yep, down by the fountain, a guy was banging on the drums while kids did flips and stuff. And by banging, I mean BANGING.

It was frustrating then, and it was even frustrating editing these recordings. :P It would be very easy to blame the drums for taking two years to get them posted, but it wouldn’t explain the other shows sitting in my to-edit folder..

The full session with all the in-between talk and all:

And the individual tracks…

♥ Original songs © Every Second of Every Day
§ Written by and © Kevin’s uncle, Danny Cockram

Going Down the Road Feeling Bad, Bluegrass-ish

Part of the Bluegrass Jam at James Lynch’s house, Danville, Virginia, May 31, 2011. Kevin Hawke, vocals and guitar; Jo Hawke, vocals; Ryland Hawker, banjo; Wes Holtsford, mandolin; and Laura Liem, fiddle.

I uploaded all the pictures I had from the night, along with the audio of this song. Thanks, Animoto, for making it so easy!!