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My Favorite Apps

When I had to replace my DroidX last month, it was quite an ordeal. I couldn’t believe how many apps I’d acquired — more than 100!

It was frustrating, but I was able to install them and get them where I wanted within a day or two. And it gave me a chance to decide whether or not I really wanted an app.

So here are my top apps right now:

1. Gmail. Free. I use this more than any other app, hands-down.
2. Facebook. Free. This app has come a long way since I first used it. It really needs a like-this-comment feature, though.
3. Browser. Free. I can’t say I love the browser app, but I definitely use it a lot. It doesn’t save my windows, for some reason, but it does keep my favorites.
4. Laudate. Free.
5. BeyondPro. Paid, but does have a free version.

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Just Like Pic Stitch App?

This app doesn’t work on my phone in the same way the identical Pic Stitch app doesn’t work. It will not let me add pictures at all, though it teases me with a maybe-this-time hope when it sends me to my gallery like all’s well.

Also, adds “Playtime” shortcut to the home page without asking permission. Bad business, IMHO.