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Lucas’ Famous Americans Project


I was not disappointed when Lucas chose Abraham Lincoln for his 2nd-grade Famous Americans project. And I’m elated with what he did with it!

He picked out the red posterboard at Hobby Lobby; drew by hand and cut out the “bubble letters”; wrote a detailed paragraph explaining Lincoln’s most important accomplishments; drew and colored his picture in two parts; and then glued it all in place.

Awesome job, Lukey-Luke!!

Bye-Bye, Tooth

Not only did Lukie Luke lose one of his front teeth today in school, but he also had his second smiley-face day in a row!! Awesome news!!!

Notice the smiley his teacher Mr. Monge drew is missing a tooth, too.

The little red chest had his tooth in it. He said Mr. Monge gave it to him to put his tooth in, after it came all the way out during class.

Over there is Lucas favorite picture, “the mean look.” :P

Open House

Maybe Atticus was a little too weary from a very long day to be excited about taking a picture in his kindergarten seat. But he sure got a second wind after he got up and decided to walk around and read every single one of his classmates’ names on the other 23 seats…

Endings and Beginnings

Today was Attie’s last day of preschool camp, both a happy and sad occasion.

None of us can believe that these four weeks are over already!

On his first day, we had to enlist my parents to get him to and from school because it was the day the moving company moved most of our stuff into the new house — which is, by now, more like the we’ve-always-been-here house — only it’s not a house at all now; it’s Hawke Haven. :)

The second day of preschool, and all the other days since, Attie has ridden bus 48 to school. We thought he was going to be a little hesitant, especially after he’d expressed concerns about school buses not having seatbelts.

But he wasn’t at all. He said “bye” and stepped right up there like a big boy!

And now, four weeks of 9-to-1 have passed like lightning, leaving way too much stuff still not in its place here (and way too little time left before I go back to work). Streak!

Atticus and his teacher, Miss Lane

Academically, Atticus probably didn’t learn a whole lot. He already knew his letters, numbers, colors, shapes. (This is the kid who’s been reciting Latin for a year and has the equivalent of a photographic memory for songs, lyrics and key.)

But he learned a lot of new cool songs to go along with them from Miss Lane’s “board.” (We found most of the songs he’s been singing at HarryKindergarten’s YouTube profile. Check him out if you want to jumpstart your little’s learning. ;)

Also, socially, there was so much he needed to learn: raising his hand to contribute to class discussion, working quietly, staying seated, cooperating with other kids, walking through the cafeteria line with a tray — all with teachers who expect some mess-ups and are trained to help kids learn from them.

Kevin and I went to the school today for a pizza party program. His teachers, paraprofessionals, principal, nurse and secretaries all knew Atticus and told us how much they had enjoyed him.

Miss Lane said he would come up to the Smart Board and read the short words before the whole class watched and sang along with the videos.

The principal, or site coordinator, Ms. Harris said Atticus had helped her write the word “Finish” on the sidewalk for last week’s tricycle races. And then he just had to show her how to write his brother Lucas’ name, too. :)

In a few short weeks, Atticus will start kindergarten.

There will be new people to meet, new places to see and fit into, new processes to follow and remember, new skills to master, but we know he’s ready, and he really can’t wait.

Today, when he came home on the bus (he wanted to ride it one last time, even though we offered to drive him home), he broke down on the sofa, crying his heart out because preschool was over.

I hugged him close, dried his tears, and reminded him of the new experiences he was going to have soon.

None of that would be possible if this didn’t end.

It’s a hard lesson for all of us, isn’t it?