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Bypassing Scratch

Confession: There have been times that I’ve spent so much time decorating my classroom for the new year that I ended up behind in planning my lessons.

It all got done, of course, but only by taking it home to finish. (The room, of course, I couldn’t take home with me, but probably would’ve if I could’ve.)

Well, I can’t live that way anymore, see.

So today, my first day back in my classroom, I spent time arranging furniture and organizing my desk, clearing out the junk.

But I didn’t draw a brand-new poster for outside my door as usual.

Instead, I took the wrinkled one that I made last year and cut out the words.

It still looks pretty cool, and no one will notice the difference.

A small step but it’s something. :P

Target Practice

So we were sitting at the light, heading home this evening with some Sonic for dinner, and I happened to check out the sign…

Um…sideways??? How did the birds handle that???

I just managed to get this picture before the light changed.

In case you can’t see, here’s a closeup: