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Danny Cockram, Songwriter

Danny Cockram | Songwriter.

Please check out Kevin’s Uncle Danny’s new website. He’s written some great songs and now he has a place to show them off. :)

Kevin and I recorded his “Back to New Orleans” with him soon after Hurricane Katrina hit.

If you’ve listened to our show in Washington Square Park from 2009, you may remember his name from the credits. We recorded his “Let’s Shoot for the Moon” then.

Soon, I’ll also be adding another of Danny’s songs that Kevin and I recorded with him called “Coffee in the Morning.”

One Thing I Can Say

I must’ve been on a Billie Holiday kick when I came up with this little work in progress. Warning: It’s just a few lines and you can tell by the revision in the second time around I really have no idea where it’ll one day end up going  (if anywhere)…


UPDATE: Just ignore the Evernote. I had recorded this on my phone, and I haven’t found a streamlined process to get those files here. So I went back and downloaded, converted, uploaded:

Thank You for Everything

This is my first attempt at using Evernote to record a piece and then share it with my website, so I’m not sure how it will work out.

I’m looking for a good (and easy) way to post audio files from my mobile. I have an awesome audio recording/editing app (Tapemachine) that I may be able to use to send to Evernote…but the file sizes have to be small and space is an issue, too, with the free version.

Plus, I want the files to be playable here. It seems improbable…

Here’s the link to my little chorus:


Every Second of Every Day: Our Theme Song :)

I’ve been playing around with a tool called Cinch this week.

It’s a website and a synced app that allow you to easily record audio, attach a message and image, and share with Twitter and Facebook followers and friends. You can also download, link, or embed the MP3 file.

You can see the widget I add over on the far right sidebar. It will play all of the “cinches” I’ve saved so far, once of which is our theme song, finally on our website:

Yay. Sounds pretty good considering it was recorded on the laptop at the Cinch site.

I’m not sure what happened to the player, so here is the same file, downloaded from Cinch.fm:

EDIT: None of the players are working now, so here’s a YouTube video of the song. :)

And here are the lyrics:

Every Second of Every Day
(© 2009 Jo & Kevin Hawke)

Verse 1
Everything I do, every word I say
Every second of every day
I give it all to you; I give it all away
Every second of every day

Verse 2
Everything I am, every little flaw,
is a canvas on which you can draw.
I give it all to you; I give it all away
Every second of every day

And in the morning when I look out on the day
I can say it is good ’cause it is yours
And in the evening when I look back on the day
I can say it was good ’cause it was yours

Verse 3
Everything I am, all the bad and good:
All my thoughts, all my feelings, all my beliefs
I give them all to you; I give them all today
Every second of every day

And when I feel like giving up
And when I take pride in what I’ve done,
It’s a travesty of your majesty

And in the morning when I look out on the day
I can say it is good ’cause it is yours
And in the evening when I look back on the day
I can say it was good ’cause it was yours

Everything I do, every word I say
Every second of every day

Work in Progress: ‘More of You’

Wow. 2010. It’s been five years, but I’m adding a recording of this sweet little chorus.

I found this file when I was sending all of my Voice Record files to Dropbox, so I’d have room to record an interview for my grad class, so it’s probably not the one from way back then, but who knows. I’m not sure why Voice Record made it into a video (MP4); maybe I did something wrong. Regardless, it plays. ;)

And…I haven’t made any further progress on it, but I still sing it a whole lot in the car (which is probably where all of the background noise in this recording is coming from).

I downloaded an app for my laptop (Window 8.1…I love it) to convert my MP4s to MP3s, so here it is:


And if you can’t access the player above, you can click here to download the actual file.

One of the songs I’ve been working on over the last month or so finally took its first baby steps this week. The half-chorus I had now has its second part (I think):

More of you, less of me
That’s the way it ought to be.
Fill me Holy Spirit, let me be your light,
shining like a candle in this cold, dark night.

Atticus at about a year old, taking some baby steps :)


Really, though, they’re just like babies in many ways, “my” songs. :D

I’m very attached to them, very sensitive about them, and very protective over them just like I am my babies.

And I’ve also come to know more and more that they aren’t my own production.

While my babies came to me via God and man, my songs are pure gifts from God (no matter how I’ve distorted them in the past by not acknowledging their origin or seeking to retain their original value).

I think the main inspiration for this piece of a song came from what our priest, Father Charles Breindel, said was his chosen Bible verse, John 3:30:

“He must increase; I must decrease.”

Kevin’s brought it up many times since, especially when I’ve been in a whiny mood. :)

(And I promise to send the audio as soon as I figure out my WiFi issue… It’s really sweet, sweet like I used to avoid like crazy.)

Atticus’ first song

Lucas and Atticus

Atticus, right, with his big brother, Lucas.

Off and on through the day Sunday, Attie would pull out the plastic push-button guitar and pretend to strum it, singing something I couldn’t place and claiming it was “Daddy’s song.” Once Kevin got home from work and pulled out the acoustic, Attie brought his to the table, singing that same little tune.

His first songwriting experience!! Of course, Mom had to record it. ;) I’m not exactly sure what he’s singing, but it sounds like, “You gotta think about where you gonna lay.” We don’t know where he came up with it or why he says it’s Kevin’s song. Maybe something Kevin does sounds like that to him?

Anyway, Kevin’s reaction to it? “Not bad for a 3-year-old.” And a big old smile! :)